About Us

I have always thought that the key to homing dogs is to focus on the people looking for a dog.

We need to match people to dogs one at a time. If we succeed for just one dog it has been worthwhile. It is our hope we can help many more over time.

Having set up a twitter account and had conversations with dog lovers this site has been born. We are just ordinary people who have dogs as pets, some of us have also rescued dogs so they can have a good life and some of us have saved our companions from being put down.  

Putting it simply we are just trying to help you find a dog that matches your personality and circumstances. We accept that taking on a dog is not for the light hearted and is a responsibility, but we also accept there are people out there who could make a world of difference to a dog.     

If you need assistance with locating a particular breed of dog let us know. If you have suggestions or want to request an ad on this site please contact us on Twitter