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7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Tammy Hansen says:

    my name is tammy watson,i live in thompsons station.a blk pit has befriended me and i can not keep him,he is neutured,has a great disposition,great w/kids,cats and dogs of all sizes.he is young but not a pup,i am willng to foster him and help however i can ,I need to find him a home.can you direct me? plz,615-614-1543,615-713-7688.

  2. jenntreadway1 says:

    Hello there, I contacted u a while back but not sure if you received the email. If i can still help please let me know!

  3. jenntreadway1 says:

    Happy to say that Tammy reported this doggie’s home was found!

  4. 336e says:

    Do you link rescue/ crossposting blogs? Take a look at It’s Raining Cats and Dogs and let me know. Thanks. Lots of dogs in urgent situations posted as well as cats.

  5. jenntreadway1 says:

    absolutely! Just let me know what you want it to say. I can add an individual page!

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