Beloved Bob Bailey

'Angel kitty' Bobby

‘Angel kitty’ Bobby


1 Response to Beloved Bob Bailey

  1. jenntreadway1 says:

    My sweetheart kitty, you were taken much too soon but loved so much. No matter how long you had been with us my love for you would have remained just as strong. I will miss our walks, you meeting me at the mailbox as soon as you saw my car drive by and insisting on riding in the car that short ride to the driveway on my lap. Seeing that sweet little face and those big fluffy ‘bunny’ paws stretched out on the door ready for breakfast and ready to see me and your sweet little sisfur, Abbey. You picked me for your mom on that unexpected day and I am forever blessed by your decision. I was looking forward to the winter season only because you would be practically living in the house just like you had this past winter. I know you loved the outdoors that’s why I made your last day special and uninterrupted on the porch. I tried to do everything possible to help you recover. I’m just so sorry it wasn’t enough…..Abbey still looks for you….I do too.

    Until we meet again – much much love,
    Mommy & Abbey

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