Beloved Bosco

Picture made by Roxy the Wiener.

Please watch the beautiful youtube video link below created by a furry special wiener family, Roxy – Bosco’s girlfriend!
BOSCO We Will Always Love YOU!


11 Responses to Beloved Bosco

  1. jenntreadway1 says:

    My twitter pal with such a loving and big heart. I could always imagine you typing away as you tweeted even though Abbey has told me that its nearly impossible with those adorable full paws. I really felt like I knew you through your Mommy’s tweets. I’m sure given the opportunity you would have proven your Mommy right. I never had to meet you in order to know that you were such a sweetheart and will be greatly missed on this earth. You were such a blessing to those you came in contact with (including me) and your precious family that obviously loved you to infinity and still does. Now you’re happy, healthy and running on the greenest grass in Heaven where you can get to know my little Shelby doxie girl and all the other sweet animals that have gone before.

    Love and prayers go out to your family and fur sisters. Until we meet…..’soft paws, cold nose nudges & lots of human kisses to you’, sweet precious Bosco.

    (@abbeyrescuedox and Mommy)

  2. zarongko says:

    There is a piece of my heart that went OTRB with my good friend Bosco, look after it, when I meet up with you there you can return it to me. xxx Fritzie.

  3. You guys are the sweetest – thank you so much. I don’t even know what to say anymore, your words move me to tears. xoxoxo All of our love, Chris and Suzanne

  4. jenntreadway1 says:

    No words necessary Chris, Suzanne, Cookie, Duchess – Just feel loved and know that God is loving on little Bosco.

  5. I wanted so much to meet my friend Bosco when my dad & I were down there last but it didn’t work out. I always fout I get another chance some day. Please wait for me this side of The Rainbow Bridge, sweet Bosco. We play together then.

  6. Thank you so much sweet beautiful Gretchen. We are sorry you didn’t get to meet Bosco too. He will wait a very long time to see your precious face.

  7. My sweet Bosco, oh how I love you so much. I know you are on the bridge watching over us. My mom, dad and brofur Princess, Chubs and Rufus are up there, they will watch over you as well. I was really hoping me and mom could have went on a road trip some day and met some of my doxie pals, you especially. You were one of my best buddies, my bromance, there wasn’t a day I posted that you didn’t respond. I loved hearing of your adventures and your wise tweets. There are no words that I can say to take the pain away…just know I love you and I am glad I have another angel to watch over me as I wonder off into the woods and get into trouble. I know you will guide me and tell me not to get hurt because my mommy needs me. Hugs and kisses and love for you Bosco…you sweet Big Man, Little boy. Brown eyed angel. I will never forget you. xoxo

  8. So so sweet Gizmo. you are so kind and fun and loving, and i do hope Bosco watches over you so you won’t get into any trouble on your adventures in the woods. Stay safe sweet boy and let your Mommy hug and love on you anytime she wants to! 🙂 Thanks for never forgetting Bosco. xoxoxo

  9. In this life, if we are lucky, God blesses us with the gift of a true friend. We were lucky enough to find you and the #doxieposse. You enriched our lives with humour and love. HIT IT buddy! Bosco you are our furever friend. We will love and remember you always.#longdoglove

  10. Bosco was a special dachshund, loved by many people! Barney and Abby join me in sending sympathy and thoughts of comfort.

  11. Thank you Brenda and Trish — we are comforted by your words and well wishes. We miss our sweet boy and hold tight to all of the wonderful memories he gave us. xoxoxo

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