Mikey, George & Zach

Mikey is missed everyday.
He knew nothing but love and gave nothing but joy.
At 18, he was a wise old dachshund taking everything in his stride, but we could not turn time back  and sadly he went over the Rainbow Bridge on April 21, 2011.
I see him running over the fields with his ears flapping in the wind.
I hear him barking for his dinner and reminding me I am 5 minutes late.
I feel him snuggling next to me in the morning.
I feel his soft coat under my fingers.
Now he can see and hear and run after rabbits and meet with all his friends again.
We have been BLESSED by having him in our lives and whilst we remember him he will never be truly gone.
@3daxs living in Somerset UK


Your smile melts our hearts

In Memory of George who went over the rainbow Bridge March 14th 2012

You look out of the window and spy the rabbits on the lawn,

Quivering tail up, ears are alert,

You rush to the door.

Howling, reaching full speed, the thrill of the chase,

You feel like the world belongs to you.

Watching every move,

Waiting for every opportunity.

Over the sloping fields,

You watch the swooping birds,

Running freely and gazing in the sky,

You never catch them,

But you always try!

Protecting food like treasure

Yet holding bones for you,

Your smile lights up the world

And your soft face melts our hearts

Wary of strangers, trust had to be earned

Unconditional love given only to your people

Your soft face touching ours

Your smile melts our hearts

Taken before your time

We grieve for you

But so happy you were part of our lives.

       Zack OTRB 27/2/2017 at the grand old age of 18


 Thinking of you Zack..
I remember how much you cared. All the things you taught us and all the love you shared.
How you loved to run in fields with a grin across you face. How you walked with pride With a toy firmly in your face.
How you waited every day for me to come back home. How you shared your food but never shared a bone!
How much you cared for others especially George your friend. Gently licking his velvet ears right until his end.
As you became much older our bond became so strong. I became your eyes and ears and you became my song.
Together now with all your bros running free as the wind blows. Missing you but now you’re free looking round to hear and see.
Thank you Zack for all the love you shared… licking my hand to show you cared.
For being a loyal and loving friend…being there for me until the end.