Moore, Oklahoma Disaster Relief Resources

I am compiling a list of resource material to pass along. Please let me know if you come across other vital information that I can add to my page and I will gladly include it.

Prayers for all those effected by this horrific tornado. May you find solace and comfort in His hands!


Oklahoma Animal Fund Help Oklahoma pet victims by giving to Oklahoma Animal Fund.. There are also some listed animals on here missing and people in search of. Please take a look.

How To Help Animals Affected By Oklahoma Tornado Links to donate money, food and pet supplies. Lost & Found Pet resource links. Veterinary Triage Areas & Clinics.

Low Rider Dachshund Rescue is partnering with Moore Animal Shelter to help with the affected animals from the tornado.

Home Depot In Moore OK Opens Doors To Lost & Injured Pets from Tornado PAWESOME company!!!!

Redcross Shelters map of all Oklahoma City Shelters. Information updated every 30 minutes.

Moore OK Lost & Found Pets #OK missing Police #Dog call OKC Police 405-227-3557 via #Moore OK Tornado Lost/Found Animals

RedCross Here’s how to help @RedCross: text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10, or online.

Oklahoma Lost & Found Animals directory of lost and found animals from the tornado in Moore, OK.

Animal Resource Center #OK Photos of rescued pets at Animal Resource Center.

if you find a lost #OK #tornado animals, you can take them to the Animal Resource Center at 7949 S. I-35 Service Rd. (405) 604-2892.

5 Ways To Help Oklahoma Tornado Pets & Their People

OKC Metro Area Lost & Found Pets If you or anyone you know is missing pets in #Oklahoma, this site is collecting information.

IF YOUR PET IS MISSING: (Some of these links may be the same but I will continue to post what I can in order to make it easier for those searching to know where to look.)

OKC Metro Area Lost & Found Pets
Animal Resource Center
Found Dogs
Penn South Pet Clinic
Moore Oklahoma Tornado Lost & Found Pets

Best Ways To Help Pets Effected By The Tornado

Please contact me if you know any additional links that would be helpful and please crosspost this information.


OSU Veterinary Hospital has been working above and beyond the call of duty to provide free medical treatment to any injured animals and to attempt to reunite them with their owners. Please visit their site, if you recognize a pet in their care please let them know.

Please feel free to SHARE this page or any others on this website! Crossposting SAVES lives!


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