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There are many reasons why a person becomes a dog rescuer. For Dogs in Brazil it was a necessity. It was a way of life without a label it was something that just had to be done. It all started with a German shepherd dog called Harry in Copacabana Brazil in 2002. Harry was the real founder of Dogs in Brazil and he lives on through our work. We traversed a long and difficult road to reach the crossroads where we now stand.

We do not believe that animals should be killed because they are homeless and never will. We want everyone to see that humans have lost their way and forgotten that each and every life is precious and that all non kill rescue groups who engage in rescue at grass roots level with hands on experience should be supported, not just the larger well known charities some of whom do not have non kill policies.

We moved from the city to a rural area and could not help but notice the appallingly, sad conditions that many of the strays were in. Many were dying and abused, so we began to help where we could. I found it impossible to walk past a dying dog like so many of the population here. There are so many street dogs that to many people they are as significant as a tree or parked car. They mean nothing to so many because those many don’t bother to get to know them, feed them, or spare them a moment to pet them. To a dog these things count and they don’t forget. Each dog would tell you if he could, that we are all different. That I have my own personality, I suffer when I am hungry, sad, and sick. I laugh when I am happy and I love without condition. The expressions on their faces and their body language tell you all of this, if you bother to look.

On January 12th 2011 our lives changed forever and our emotions and strength were stretched to the limit. Brazil was hit by the biggest ever natural disaster right where we lived. We woke up and watched the scene unfold as though it were a TV show. It all seemed so unreal. Just like a news report except that we were now positioned in the middle of the disaster. It had been raining heavily for days, which was quite normal during the rainy season. Then we had twenty four hours of the heaviest rain I had seen in my life. It made a humming sound as it battered the roof and ground. Houses started to fall off hillsides and the river filled to bursting point.

Dogs in Brazil as a registered charity rose out of the debris of Brazil’s greatest natural disaster. It’s time to act and it’s time to plan. We will be making a big difference to many more lives in the future.

Support should be given by foundations and organizations to all those that can prove they are doing the job. It is costly and time consuming to set up a registered charity and we only managed it because of the kindness of a donor who believed in us. We don’t know yet what kind of difference it will make. Hopefully we will be able to make an impact on the homeless and abandoned dogs and animals in the area. Hopefully we will be able to educate the young to respect all living creatures and more importantly we hope to alleviate suffering and diminish the street dog populations humanely by spay and neuter methods.

Jan & Henry

Jan & Henry

Note from Website Admin – This couple has sacrificed so much to help the animals. I have followed/interacted with them on Twitter for some time. They desperately need help to continue rescuing the neglected animals along their path. Let’s help them, they are good people responding to a desperate need! They have chosen not to ignore but to help at a tremendous cost!


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