Global Dachshund CrossPost Rescue Organization aka GetAlong Dachshund Rescue

global posting doxie

Global Dachshund X Rescue is dedicated to saving those Dachshunds who find themselves homeless in shelters. We will not overlook the injured or the old.

Dachshund rescue in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas!

hugging doxies


GetAlong Dachshund Rescue Facebook
Available Dogs in Rescue in FL
Available Doggies in Louisanna
Available Doggies in Texas
GetAlong Dachshund Rescue on Twitter
Global Dachshund Blog

‘Doxie dance’ We are now a full fledge rescue but need your continued help and support to stay that way! We welcome donors, fosters, transporters, you name it. Just contact us and tell us what you would like to do! Our organization is located in Fort Walton Beach, FL but we have volunteers all over including Canada!

If you see a dachshund or dachshund mix (or the occasional non-doxie breed) please notify us with the original link so we can crosspost and/or set in motion to rescue the little pup!

WE NEED FOSTERS! We want to save doxies but we can’t without YOUR help! Please contact us at

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