Partners 4 Pets

partners for pets

This group is helping animals get adopted/rescued from Clayton County Animal Control in Jonesboro, GA by contacting rescues and cross-posting. To help a dog, PayPal to or mail pledges to PFP PO Box 2181, Jonesboro,GA 30237.

Contact on Twitter Volunteers saving animals from a high kill #animal #control in #GA . Follow us to help. #rescue Pledge Jonesboro, Georgia, USA ·

Contact on FaceBook

Please, be mindful that we receive MANY emails, and do our very best to get back to you in a timely fashion. We ask for your patience.


We are a Georgia licensed Non-Profit Corporation called Partners for Pets, Inc. We are not affiliated with Clayton County Animal Control. We are 100% volunteer group with 100% of the money raised going to the dogs at CCAC and their health and rescue. Please understand WE DO NOT KILL ANY ANIMALS or have any say in which animals are euthanized. We ask that pledges be sent to us because we often pay for vetting the dog, boarding and transporting the dog with these pledges. Any money not spent on these things is sent on to the rescue who took the dog.



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