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It’s always important to have a list of resources available in order to stay informed on what to do when taking of your beloved pet!

Senior Pet Care Senior Pet Products commits to provide most affordable dog wheelchair & pet supplies to support leading quality of life for senior & disabled dogs. Follow On Twitter

1800PetMeds America’s largest pet pharmacy. Lower cost medicines guaranteed. (I have used this service and highly recommend!)Follow On Twitter

Pet Plan Pet Insurance a Philadelphia-based pet insurance company, providing insurance for pet owners to cover veterinary bills. Petplan is the sister company of Petplan UK, the world’s largest pet insurer and a unit of Allianz. has ranked Petplan pet insurance #1 for customer satisfaction since 2008. (My pup is a member).

PetPlanUK The sister insurance of Pet Plan US #1 Pet insurance in the UK providing insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.

HandicappedPets.Com was created in 2001 to support the caretakers of elderly, injured, and handicapped pets. We have all of the products, services, and support you’ll need. Follow On Twitter

Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (Virginia Tech) I have actually utilized their services at this hospital and they were excellent!


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