Left Over Dogs Home Rescue

Why rescue dogs if you cannot afford to provide for all of their expensive medical care?

‘It is quite simple : if we didn’t rescue them, they would be dead; killed; put down; euthanized; kaput!’

*We are not an animal rescue company or affiliated with any organization. Nor do we sell or breed our rescued dogs!*

Contributions will go to bringing these 6 dogs up medically before finding them their Forever Homes.

Left Over Dogs Rescue Website

Please consider helping these precious dogs by giving, if not with money then with your time to retweet, post on facebook, crosspost and pray! Any amount as you see on their website means so much to them! Even a $1 goes a long way. Thank you for your compassion and help and with giving these dogs another real chance at life!

Bubba, Bella, Rocky, Champ, Danny, and Charly are counting on people like us to help them. The money will go to medically fund the needs of these six dogs: initial exams, medical grooming, neutering, boarding, all the tests and medicine and shots that go along with their surgery, lab work, plus their vaccination updates.

If pledges reach over our goal, these dogs have so many needs, over and above what they are actually asking. They would love to invest in a shaded outdoor area for them.

Could/Would you? Send $1 for the sweet rescued Left Over Dogs?

Even a one dollar contribution level helps, and they are just so appreciative.

One of two sterling silver’paw print’ pendants can be chosen by you with a generous donation at a $50 donation or higher. These are made personally by the owners and are absolutely beautiful!

What’s more beautiful though is knowing that you have helped a dog that no one else wanted! There’s your satisfaction in knowing you have saved a life!


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